How to look after your books illustrations

Book Aid International asked me to help them to develop materials for teaching children how to care for books. We met to discuss ideas and came up with concept of cards illustrating the do’s and don’ts of looking after books. The idea was to create a resource that could be used for posters, books and training materials.

The illustrations

There are lot of ways that books can come to harm. In the places where staff from Book Aid International work this can range from because caught in a rainstorm to being eaten by the family goat (seriously)!

The Children's Book

The illustrations were designed to be used a flashcards but we worked together to turn them into a complete story book to be included in the educational materials they send around the world. I gave Book Aid International rights to use them on other materials too so that they would be a resource for them to use again and again.

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Looking for an illustration?

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