Building a brand for a new charity employment project

The Getting Ready for Employment and Training (GREAT) Project is a service designed to give members of families, who are not currently employed, the support they need to find work. They wanted a brand that would represent forward motion and positivity but also be calm and reassuring for people experiencing stress.

The Logo

In addition to the versions of the logo designed for print, website and social media I developed an animated version of the GREAT Project logo for the project’s video work. The aim being to keep a coherent look and feel across all their branded materials.

Detailed brand guidelines

As the brand would be used by the project itself and its partners I developed a comprehensive set of documentation for the brand. The guidance sets out logo use, typography, colour schemes, and compliance with EU guidelines.

Going online

With the branding in place, I created a simple to use website which made it easy to make referrals to the project and complied with the stringent requirements of the project’s EU funders. Like all my sites it was built to be mobile-ready and was powered by a customised version of WordPress to make it easy to edit for ordinary users.

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