Building an online shop for charity fundraising

Book Aid International is charity that helps distribute books to people who need them around the world. For several years they have been selling Christmas cards and accessories as part of their fundraising effort. They asked me to help them upgrade to a full online shop.

A better user experience

Originally Book Aid International had a series of Paypal buttons built into their site so they could purchase items. It was difficult for users to order multiple items at once and the user experience was confusing. After discussing their requirements I built a site for them using WordPress and the popular Woocommerce plugin. This allowed me to build in the extra functionality they wanted such as the ability make donations whilst buying cards.

Visit the shop

Powerful Analytics

Book Aid wanted access to detailed analytics of purchases from their shop. So I integrated Google Tag Manager into the site allowing for rich data on purchases on the site. Now they can see what stock is popular and get insights on how the shop is used.